Anime & Manga commissions


  • OC's
  • Reference sheets and RP-scenes
  • Girls, boys, kids, groups, couples
  • Straight / Yaoi/ yuri / hentai
  • Fantasy & Modern
  • Sci-Fi & Steampunk
  • Anthro & Furry Characters


  • Gore 
  • Immense brutality
  • Mpreg 
  • Extreme fetishes
  • Shota
  • Too brutal BDSM
  • Chubby/obese people
  • Extremely clustered designs

To be able to successfully and quickly work on your order, please provide me the following information:

  • Image references
  • Small summary of the character's remarkable traits aka. bio (no long essays please)
  • Expression & pose/movement/stance (overly complex body twists will be charged extra) 
  • You may ask for WIP's or updates on commissions any time
  • Please do not rush me, I am always working on commissions as quickly as I can. I want the result to be not only satisfying but GOOD, so please be patient with me.

Options you can chose from:

  • Sketch / Outlines 
  • Bust
  • Fullbody
  • Chibi / cute artwork
  • NSFW artwork
  • Character reference sheet
  • Starts at 10 €  
  • Starts at 35€ 
  • Starts at 55 €
  • Starts at 35€
  • Price is calculated based on complexity
  • Starts at 100€ 


Payment is done through PayPal!
I do no start on the commission until the payment is sent.
Extra fees may apply if a the character's design or the background are overly complex.
The prices for my commissions are ranged; the final price is discussed according to the wishes with the customer.

I keep the right to decline or cancel your commission at any time.


  • I keep the rights to use the artwork as references in my own artistic portfolio. This does not have any effect on the copyrights of the rightful owners.
  • The commissioners get full sized images in either .JPG or .PNG format
  • I do not offer the .PSD's or .SAI documents to my commissioners
  • I kindly ask my commissioners to always credit me on the artwork, should they decide to repost the artwork online. 

Some examples of the commissions!

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