07. Juni 2017
Like the title says! :) Since quite some time I was longing to start drawing traditionally again, since I've been so focused on the digital media recently. And then I got to learn about airbrushing. Through a coincidence really! I absolved some beginner and intermediate courses at Harder & Steenbeck in Norderstedt, Germany. And I was left with great impressions. If you so happen to be interested in airbrushing, I'd advise you to check the company out. I am still quite amazed how versatile...
12. März 2017
Awesome news! :) Well I am super excited and happy to inform you guys that the first mile stone for my comic Project "Guided" has been officially set! I am looking forward to explore the medium of 'comics' together with you; creating a consistent flow of story and art. For now I am going to be publishing the comic pages on both my Patreon page and on this website. If you wish to support me, I'll be more than happy over your donation :) For now, peace out!
20. Januar 2017
Added a few new pictures in the Animals and Humans&Nature section! Since I am experimenting with the realism a lot lately, it has been a nice challenge as well :) Love and Greetings Yokufo
14. Januar 2017
Hello, hello! GREAT news! Finally my own website dedicated to my art and projects aired and is online. Guys, I am so excited! I am looking forward to working on it. It's going to be a long process but definitely worth it and also a great challenge. So stay tuned! Greets, Yokufo