About me

I am an excelling graphic designer, concept artist and illustrator who seeks to broaden my horizon by expanding my options in an artistic carrier. With five languages at hand and a privatized sales experience, I have provided regular commissions to a variety of customers, began to work on a game project, and continue working as a part-time freelancer.


If you'd ask me what my favorite book or movie was I wouldn't be able to give you an answer straight away. Simply because I get inspired by everything and everyone surrounding me. Thus I would like to thank my family and my partner for their amazing support and a great amount of determination I am able to draw from them.


I do not like to see myself as an artist with limitations. For me 'art' translates into 'progress'. It's an omnipresent flow and constant work. Art is both time and effort invested into perception and the skills developed to let this perception reflect on a canvas. Approaching this challenge became my hobby and doubtlessly also the spring of my personal and artistic development!